Links to supplemental resources such as learning lab and Ayasdi Knowledge Center


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Use the link under Course Resources to access your account on the Ayasdi Learning Lab environment.

NOTE: The current version of Platform running in the Learning Lab is v6.9

The login credentials for your account are:

  • User name: <your email address>
  • Password: cH@nG3mE

Once you have successfully logged in to your learning lab, be sure to change your password!

Use the link under Course Resources to access Ayasdi's Knowledge Base via the Ayasdi Online Community - this is Ayasdi's guide to Life, the Universe and Everything...

The login credentials for accessing the Ayasdi Knowledge Base and Community:

  • Username: <your email address>
  • Password:  You must set the password. You should have already received an email from Use the link at the bottom of that email to set your password

NOTE: If you have not received this email, please send a note to:

Use this link to download v6.9 of Ayasdi's SDK - consistent with the version of Learning Lab.