Data Scientist/Developer - Destination is Magrathea


As a Data Scientist or Developer, you are tasked with building repeatable solutions based on insights from highly-complex data - whether that data be healthcare, financial, consumer, or bioscience-focused. Highly-complex data, like space ... is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindbogglingly, big it is...

Your ultimate destination is Magrathea (the planet where other planets are built) and along they way you will learn how to use both Ayasdi Workbench and Ayasdi's Software Development Kit (SDK) to BUILD repeatable solutions, but to make the trip to that destination worthwhile, you will want to make a few other stops along the way:

  • Big Bang Burger Bar - On your way to visit this restaurant at the beginning of the universe you will catch a ride with the Hagguenons who will task you with helping them to PREPARE their data. This is a great stop to make whenever you are ready to understand the data format and process for uploading data to Ayasdi's Platform
  • Hawalias - On your way to visit this planet (home to oracles, seers, soothsayers and take-away pizza shops) you will catch a ride with the fearful Jatravartids who are in a desperate search for answers and will ask you to ANALYZE some data that might help them avoid the "coming of the Great White Handkerchief."
  • Milliways - Visit this restaurant at the end of the universe (yes, opposite the Big Bang Burger Bar) and you will catch a ride with a Grebulon reconnaissance fleet that went missing when their ship was hit by an asteroid. Having lost their memories in the process, the Grebulons will likely ask for your assistance to INTERPRET the data they have been collecting.

Along your journey to each destination you will have an opportunity to:

  1. ASSESS your current knowledge that is relevant to the topics at hand with SELF-ASSESSMENTS
  2. LEARN the necessary concepts you don't already know - with CONCEPTUAL EXPLANATIONS
  3. DIG-DEEPER into the details by reading articles from AYASDI'S KNOWLEDGE CENTER
  4. OBSERVE key tasks performed via VIDEO DEMONSTRATIONS
  5. APPLY your new understanding to a "realistic" situation with HANDS-ON LABS

What's more, it is your choice in how to navigate the available content! YOU decide which destinations to visit AND the order.

Are you ready? If so... make your first selection in the right panel and away you go!



On your quest to master how to use Ayasdi's Machine Intelligence Platform in your job as a Data Scientist or Developer, you will journey to Magrathea. Magrathea is considered the home of the industry of "Custom-made luxury planet building."

This pathway of learning experiences will prepare you to leverage Ayasdi's Machine Intelligence Platform via both the web application: Ayasdi Workbench and Ayasdi's Software Development Kit (SDK) to quickly, and efficiently, recover and explain the most compelling aspects of the data you encounter along the way, and be positioned to build a repeatable solution based on it.

Unfamiliar with Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? No worries! Completing your learning journey requires no pre-requisite knowledge of the book series, nor the references included (but we expect it may make the process even more entertaining!) Check out these videos on YouTube if you are interested in brushing-up.


3 Days


Overview of self-directed learning and how to navigate the course.

At the completion of this module, you will have mastered the basic understanding of Ayasdi's Machine Intelligent Platform.


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